in case the item is out of stock (no custom building slots available) you can get notified when it is back again, email to get added to the info mail list.

building time for a custom TETRA P80 is about 6 weeks currently once the order is placed. Special wishes like inlays, engravings will prolong the build time, please select the 'yes - lets discuss' box. building will start once details are clear.

if you want a special design, tick the lets discuss checkbox for special wishes and we will contact you in a few days after the order is placed.

cancellation and refund of orders during the building period is possible at any time.

use coupon code "ADDTOORDER" underneath the shopping cart list to add things to your pending order (needs use of the shipping cost estimator prior for it to work)

cosmetic upgrades (prices in CHF):

acrylic pouring +45 (only poplar, no inlay/sands/disks)

etching both sides +35 (depending on complexity)
sand fill(needs etching) +35
metal fill(needs etching) +35
glow in the dark powder fill(needs etching) +35
custom shape wood inlay(needs etching) +35
abalone disk +10
mother of pearl disk+10

the TETRA P80 is equipped with the TETRA heater.

  • one mouth piece (select short or long straight/bent)
  • basket screen and replacement screen for mouth piece
  • pick

optional accessories:
  • sony vtc6 battery
  • water pipe adapter (14mm/18mm male)
  • short whip (wrapped or plain)

key features:
  • dimensions: 71x36x92mm
  • portable dry herb extractor device
  • full convection TETRA heating technology
  • on-demand (press&hold) or session mode operation (double click)
  • adjustable session timer
  • uniform heat, no stirring necessary

    • custom firmware, update-able
    • advanced temperature control (up to 1degC/5degF)
    • user replaceable 18650 battery
    • micro-USB charging port
    • 2A fast charging
    • stainless steel heating coils
    • mostly borosilicate glass air & vapor path
    • 18mm female ground glass connection
    • 70 watts peak power, fast heat up
    • effective vapor cooling/conditioning with included cooling mouth piece
    • warm-up mode for consistent results
    • automatic temperature stepper

    see the extended manual for more information

    the order of woods in the first picture of this item is the following (row for row, left to right):
    oak, padauk, oak rasta inlay, poplar, boxwood
    wenge, lacewood, mahogany, poplar permanent violet red, two tone sonokeling rosewood
    santos rosewood, teak, wenge, pine, beech
    boxwood, poplar cyan, sonokeling rosewood, bubinga (not possible anymore), mahogany

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    TETRA P80 - custom

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