recommended coil resistance

the calibration of a tetrax is done with a sinuous p80 box mod. the recommended coil resistance is most accurate on this model.

the temperature is measured 5mm above the internal screen. basket screen packs are generally hotter than displayed.

unfortunately not every unit and especially not every model reads the resistance equally.

this is a list of a few tested mods and how to adjust the recommended coil resistance (only a small sample size was tested):

  • Joyetech Primo: +0.009 ohms

  • Joyetech Primo2: +0.012 ohms

  • Joyetech Cuboid200: +0.019 ohms

  • Joyetech Cuboid150: +0.022 ohms

  • Joyetech VTC Dual: +0.014 ohms

  • Joyetech VTWO mini: +0.024 ohms

  • Wismec Predator: +0.008 ohms

  • Wismec Gen3: +0.000 ohms

  • Wismec Sinuous P80: +0.000 ohms

start with the given recommended coil resistance and dial up or down as needed. a well calibrated tetra heater will extract well at 180degC after warmup mode, leaving the material a light color and will roast to medium dark brown at 210degC. the heater will only glow very very faintly in the dark at max temperature.


firmware supported box mods


  • eVic VTC Mini

  • eVic VTC Dual

  • eVic VTwo Mini

  • eVic VTwo

  • eVic AIO

  • eVic Basic

  • eGrip II / Light

  • Cuboid

  • Cuboid Mini

  • Cuboid 200

  • Evic Primo v1 / v2

  • Evic Primo mini

  • Evic Primo SE


  • Presa TC75W

  • Presa TC100W

  • Reuleaux RX75

  • Reuleaux RX200S

  • Reuleaux RX2/3

  • Reuleaux RXmini

  • Reuleaux RX300

  • Sinuous + Predator 228W

  • Reuleaux RX Gen3

  • Reuleaux RX Gen3 Dual

  • RX2 20700

  • Sinuous P80

  • RX2 21700


  • Invoke


  • Vaponaute La Petite Box


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