Delivery & Safety Information

Delievery information

UPDATE (28.07.2020): due to very long and unpredictable delievery times "economy world" shipping has been deavtivated for the time being. recent packages with economy option needed around 2 months to arrive, fyi.

UPDATE (30.05.2020): shipping times are affected by the pandemic, the below time frames are communicated by swiss post but are subject to delays depending on the general package traffic, thank you very much for the patience and understanding.

world wide shipping.
shipping only once per week usually thursdays.
the following prices are for packages up to 0.5kg, see the shipping cost estimation in the cart for heavier packages. the time frames are estimates by swiss post.

  • priority (4-10 days, uninsured): europe $13.-, world $18.-
  • tracked priority (4-10 days) with tracking number: europe $19.-, world $24.-
  • economy (14-30 days, uninsured): europe $9.-, world $11.-

please note that only tracked packages are insured and have the possibility to start an enquiry with delivery services to find the package, in case an uninsured package gets lost the buyer carries the cost.

flat items (2cm thickness) that fit into an envelope can be sent cheaper. check the shipping cost estimator.

once the package is handed over, the carrier is in charge of the shipment. please mind that untracked packages can not be tracked in the case of a detour of some kind.

Battery Safety

by ordering a battery powered device from, the customer hereby states having read the battery safety below.

While cylindrical Lithium-Ion Batterides may appear similar to other types of batteries, the higher energy density in combination with flammable organic electrolyte, rather than traditional aqueous electrolyte, may pose an increased risk of harm if not handled properly as compared to other battery chemistries. is not liable for death, serious injury, or property damage related to the charging, use, and handling of Lithium-Ion Batteries inconsistent with the safety procedures and practices below.

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